Hribar Design Group is a full service Calgary based Interior Design collective specializing in restaurant, lounge/bar and office design. The core of the group is comprised of principal designer Peter Hribar, E.D.T along with Kelly Pearn, B.F.A. and Interior Designer Lexi MacArthur - B.I.D Applied. Recognized as one of the top design teams in the field throughout Western Canada Hribar Design is responsible for many landmark restaurant/lounge designs.

After many years of turning down offers to design homes, Hribar Design Group proudly entered the residential market with a stunning 7500 SqFt Mid-Century Modern dwelling from the ground up in NW Calgary. This has opened up a new and exciting direction which combines the unique knowledge and expertise from restaurant/lounge design and applies them to the residential form.

The focus at Hribar Design Group is to give our clients the combined best of all disciplines, whether it be commercial, hospitality or residential.

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